HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Boston Massachusetts

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Boston MA HCG Medical Weight Loss for MenWhether you are a young man carrying a few extra pounds or a middle-aged man who is clinically obese, the HCG diet can help you reach your goals. Some men in the Greater Boston area have reservations about receiving the HCG hormone during the first phase of the diet plan because it is a traditionally associated with women. Their bodies produce HCG while pregnant to help nourish themselves and their developing baby. The HCG is passed along to the fetus, whether male or female, and remains with them throughout life. This hormone helps to stimulate the production of testosterone in puberty.

As you probably already know, testosterone helps men develop characteristics traditionally associated with masculinity, such as a deep voice and body hair. Receiving the HCG hormone while on a very low-calorie diet does not present any special health considerations for men. However, you should inform your doctor if you have or suspect that you have low levels of testosterone. The condition may require extra monitoring from your Suffolk County Massachusetts HCG diet doctor, but the good news is that HCG is proven to help keep testosterone levels in balance when being used as a weight loss aid.

What Are the Typical Results with the HCG Diet for Men?

The average weight loss for both men and women ranges from one-half pound to three pounds every day during the active phase of the program. The daily weight loss average for men is on the higher end. Men also tend to have an easier time keeping the weight off during the maintenance phase and after they have finished the HCG diet altogether. After reviewing the results of your physical examination, your HCG doctor in the city of Boston determines your daily calorie goal. While 500 calories per day is common, some people on the HCG diet for men may consume as much as 1,500 calories per day and still lose weight.

How Men Can Avoid Hunger While on the HCG Diet

During the first two days of the program, you should consume as many calories as you possibly can. This helps to build a fat reserve to sustain you during times when you feel extremely hungry. Starting with the third day, you will consume a low calorie diet that consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. While you can expect to feel hungry as your body adjusts, there are several things you can do to feel comfortable and remain energetic. Some of these include:

  • Spread your food consumption throughout the day so you never allow yourself to get too hungry.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water and any low-calorie teas that your Boston HCG doctor allows.
  • Speak to your doctor about taking supplements before you start the diet. Many of them have ingredients that naturally suppress the appetite.

With the HCG diet for men, you typically consume 100 grams of a lean meat for both lunch and dinner. A standard breakfast includes a piece of fruit with water or a clear, low-calorie beverage.

Working Out on the HCG Diet

If you already have a workout routine, speak to your HCG doctor in Boston about whether you should continue it while receiving injections and consuming a very low calorie diet. A high intensity workout may cause water retention, which leads to weight gain, and the need to consume additional calories to make up for what you burned. Switching to a low intensity workout for the initial 23 or 40 days is often the best bet with the HCG diet for men.

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