How the HCG Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Boston Massachusetts HCG Diet Plans are Individualized to Each Individual’s Weight Loss Needs

What is the HCG DietThe HCG diet combines Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally occurring hormone in pregnant women, with a very low calorie diet for dramatic weight loss results. The success of HCG as a weight-loss supplement first came to light in 1950 in India. Impoverished pregnant women there went on to deliver healthy, full-term babies despite near-starvation conditions. After studying this phenomenon, researchers discovered the HCG hormone and its effect on maintaining health even in a malnourished state. With a daily dose of HCG, dieters today can lose weight quickly without hunger, even while consuming as little as 500 calories per day.

During the active phase of the program, the average weight loss is one-half pound to three pounds every single day. That’s more than you can lose in a week or more on a typical diet plan. A Boston area doctor with specialized training in HCG administration closely supervises the active phase, which lasts either 23 or 40 days. This is also true of the maintenance phase that immediately follows. Only licensed professionals can dispense HCG and supervise patients on an HCG diet plan.

How to Get Started with the HCG Diet Plan

The Boston HCG Diet Doctors Locator offers HCG diet doctors who practice in the Suffolk County Massachusetts area, as well as across the entire state of Massachusetts. This directory is a valuable tool, and we recommend taking your time to find the doctor who is just right for you. That may mean making several phone calls and scheduling more than one consultation. The healthcare provider you choose should easily be able to answer your questions in regards to what is the HCG diet. After selecting your HCG diet specialist in Boston based on your research and interview results, schedule an intake appointment and physical.

At this appointment, be prepared to discuss your health history, past weight loss attempts, and the prescription and over-the-counter medications you currently take. Most importantly, you and your HCG diet doctor should agree on how you will receive HCG as well as your weight loss goals during the program. While daily injections are the most common form of HCG administration, there are several other options available.

The First Days on the HCG Diet Plan

In order to jump-start your metabolism and retrain your body to burn stored fat instead of muscle, you need to eat as much as you possibly can the first two days on the plan. This encourages the development of a fat reserve to sustain you while you consume a restricted low calorie diet during the rest of the program. Starting with the third day, most of your nourishment is in the form of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Your Boston HCG doctor will provide you with a list of foods you should eat and avoid while on an HCG diet plan.

Why Does the HCG Diet Work So Well?

In a typical diet program, you slowly lose weight by restricting your daily calories and attempting to burn off more than you take in by exercising. Unfortunately, the body naturally pulls its energy from muscles when it doesn’t receive enough nourishment from food. After a while, you feel extremely hungry and have difficulty maintaining the diet. This explains why so many people give up on dieting and end up gaining back more weight than they lost. Eventually, it becomes a game that you just can’t seem to win.

The HCG diet is successful because it burns the body’s fat reserves while retaining energy levels and muscle integrity. Even severely obese patients can lose their excess body fat by remaining committed to a healthy lifestyle and following the recommendations of their Boston HCG doctor after completing the initial phase.